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services offered

individual Psychotherapy

My approach with individual therapy is to help you find a deep sense of integration with who you are as an individual within all the roles of your life. I respect each individual's ability to know what is true and meaningful for them. Incorporating your spiritual practice into therapy can be profoundly supportive as well as exploring other habits of daily life such as exercise, diet, sleep and mindfulness. I believe a holistic approach encourages results that are more lasting, as we are all complex people with many different parts, all of which are important and interconnected.

Currently I feel particularly called to working with anyone who is considering separation or divorce. Having just navigated this right of passage myself, I feel called to help others make the leap, if that is what is best for the highest and truest version of ones life. It was the right decision for me, which isn't to say it will be for you, but let me help you forge these murky waters. You deserve happiness and fulfillment!

I have training in Internal Family Systems and find that this tends to be the backbone of my work. Click HERE to learn more about this modality.

I employ mindfulness, guided imagery, relaxation training and some somatic practices. I have begun training in Hakomi which is a very effective modality that uses both mindfulness as well as a somatic, body centered approach. You can learn more about Hakomi HERE.

couples therapy


Let’s face it. Being in relationship can be hard work. Most of us spend a good portion of our lives thinking about, longing for, agonizing over, and maybe even obsessing about our ideal partner and our ideal relationship. Many of us falsely believe that finding our “soul-mate” or “the one” will end all of our suffering and provide us with endless joy and connection. How disappointed we are when we discover that not only were our fantasies not true, but now we are actually hurting within the relationship we so longed for. For most of us this is normal and maybe even unavoidable. Healing in relationship can be a huge catalyst to self-actualization. Our ability to connect and partner begins the moment we are conceived. Many factors affect how well we relate to others in relationships. All of this is a normal part of life and can be changed, worked on, modified and improved. The first step is to understand why we are the way we are and then we can begin to explore ways to improve first our relationship to ourselves and then our relationship with those we love the most. 

uncoupling counseling


Sometimes a couple has already done a lot of work and each of them (or one of them) knows it is time to end the relationship. This is often a time where folks need a lot of support and guidance. If children are involved it can be an especially important time to reach out for guidance and support. In co-parenting counseling it is important to stay focused on the needs of the children while also working together to ensure that the needs of every family member are honored. When parents are well, nourished, contented, and fulfilled, they can be the parents that the children need so desperately in times of upheaval and great transformation.  Uncoupling can be one of life's most challenging times for families. Let me help you while you figure out how to move forward and do what is best for each of you and your family. 

family therapy / parenting support


The joys of having children are beyond what most of us would have ever imagined before we had kids and the same is true for the challenges. I am in the thick of it right now and boy have I needed and asked for help! I really believe in the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have that luxury. Many families have two working parents and families that are spread out and not able to help on the day to day. While I can’t come over and help you parent, I can help provide much needed valuable support, guidance, education and validation for what you and your family are experiencing. I believe that our children choose us and we them. It is always possible to improve our parenting and give our children the best parts of ourselves.   

pregnancy & postpartum support


I am a mother of two boys and a girl and am no stranger to the intensity that this time of life can bring. The pregnancy and postpartum years are ripe for some of life's grandest and most profound joys. However this can also be a time of tremendous suffering for a woman because of the physical changes that her body goes through, not to mention the magnitude of how babies profoundly change our lives (can we talk about sleep deprivation?!?!). A staggering 1 in 8 women will experience some kind of postpartum depression or anxiety. Mothers can feel embarrassed or even ashamed of these feelings which can make it hard for them to seek support. It is important to know that these symptoms can be completely normal and treatable. I can work collaboratively with your doctor, midwife, or other practitioners to get you back to wellness so that you can enjoy this precious time of life with your full heart open and ready to love and bond with your child!

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